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Death Takes the Mother
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While boarding boys like Leon Tyler wrestle with their hormones and a girl subtly with priest-teacher-counselor Jez Heriot till he accepts to give her private sessions, his school chapel is the site where Azazeal raises baby Malachi, first alone, then joined with hesitant mother Cassie, who is drawn closer to him till they have sacrilegious sex there, yet awaking first in the morning she steal their son to the girls rooms, with Thelma and the millenary demon fighter, who drew a hexagram to protect her against Azazeal. However Cassie has truly learned nothing, being lured away by the baby so Azazeal can find her, and after his failed first attempt break the hexagram to come to the chapel, where the midnight ritual of Orokiah is performed to eliminate Malachi, and manages to arouse enough maternal feelings in Cassie to jump between their Satanic son and the blade...

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Hex - 2x02 - Death takes the