Sottotitoli I Tudor, Stagione 1 - Episodio 7

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Message to the Emperor
54 min


Sir William Compton is diagnosed on his Warwickshire estate with highly contagious 'sweating sickness', the physician bleeds his back- death comes swift, his body is burned before burial, Thomas Tallis breaks his lute on the fresh grave, then courts Joan Larke. The Cardinal flatters Ann and announces the alliance with France against the emperor is a fact, while he sends lawyers Stephen Gardiner and Foxe to pope Clement VII in Orvieto, requesting an annulment of the royal marriage to Catherine, if necessary by threats, while the emperor demands confirmation. The duke of Norfolk is removed from court. Just after the arrival of the new French ambassador, who promises French troops will drive the emperor out of Italy soon, the epidemic and utter panic reach London, even the royal court, where Henry tries every remedy, including working up a natural sweat, ultimately flees like most before him. The pope appoints cardinal Campeggio as legate to constitute a divorce court with Wolsey after the plague. Moore tells his daughter Lutheranism is a far worse danger then the plague, in all Europe. Unlike tens of thousands, Anne Boleyn and Wolsey survive, the plague recedes, the papal legate arrives as court reassembles, Tallis conducts a mass of thanks.

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