Sottotitoli I Tudor, Stagione 1 - Episodio 3

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Wolsey, Wolsey, Wolsey!
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King Henry asked Charles Brandon to escort his sister, princess Margaret, to her betrothed, the old Portuguese king, and for the occasion creates him Duke of Suffolk. Envoys from the Habsburg king of Spain, who was recently elected Holy Roman-Emperor Charles V, meet with Cardinal Woolsey and agree to cement an eternal treaty between their nations against France -Woolsey is ordered to build the greatest navy in Europe, spending Henry's father's rich inheritance- by engaging Henry's kid daughter princess Mary to wed Charles himself, who promises Woolsey a generous pension and support at a bid for the papacy. Anne Boleyn catches the King's notice in a sumptuous masque (play and masked ball) staged by composer William Cornish, her father the diplomat is promoted Knight of the Garter and comptroller of the royal household, she named lady in waiting to queen Katherine of Aragon. The Emperor is invited to the King's court. Thomas More is knighted for his help with the king's anti-Luther writing and ordered to present it to the pope and organize a book-burning. Despite the queen's assurance she never slept with Henry's late older brother, her first husband, Anne Boleyn gets the king's lusting favor. Learning that King Francis I of France already knows of the treaty talks, the Cardinal needs a scapegoat: royal secretary Pace is falsely tried as French spy -while it was the cardinal who actually got a pension from the French- when emperor Charles visits England to plan the overthrow of the French kingdom. Anne's father and uncle want her to seduce the King and break Woolsey's political predominance.

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