Sottotitoli I Tudor, Stagione 3 - Episodio 1

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Civil Unrest
Canada, Ireland
52 min


In 1536, Henry VIII, now age 45 (but still looking 30), marries Jane Seymour. She is known to have Catholic sympathies and, with Imperial ambassador Chapuys, helps reconcile Mary with her father, though Mary must sign a paper to declare that she is illegitimate. Jane's brother Thomas and one-eyed Francis Bryan are given posts at court. Meanwhile, Cromwell and his henchman, Rich, order the destruction of monasteries in Yorkshire, giving their treasures to the king. Protesters led by lawyer Robert Aske embark upon the Pilgrimage of Grace, a peaceful rebellion against Cromwell's actions and other social grievances, gathering strength as they march south. Henry sends Brandon with an army to meet them.

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