Sottotitoli I Tudor, Stagione 4 - Episodio 8

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As It Should Be
Ireland, Canada
49 min


Henry continues to besiege Boulogne as idleness, starvation, and dysentery decimate his soldiers. He grows impatient with the pace of the tunneling, but eventually it is completed and the ordinance placed under the city. The resulting explosion causes the collapse of the town's walls and its surrender. Henry is ecstatic with his victory and wants to return to Britain as he abandons his plans to march on Paris. Charles has released Brigitte's father on the condition that she remain as they become lovers. The Queen covertly arranges for the Prince to have a tutor with Lutheran sympathies as she frustrates Bishop Gardiner's attempts to purge the Royal household of heretics. Henry returns to her in triumph so intoxicated with his victory that he ignores the news that the French Dauphin, after signing a unilateral treaty with the Emporer, is marching on the Earl of Surrey and the army of occupation.

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