Sottotitoli I Tudor, Stagione 4 - Episodio 6

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You Have My Permission
Ireland, Canada
49 min


Although Surrey is imprisoned for an assault on a distantly related nobleman for a perceived insult, Henry believes his fierce temperament would be more useful in the border war against the warring Scots than in prison. Now free, Surrey is victorious and brings back Scottish nobles to Henry as hostages in order to leverage a peace treaty to England's advantage. Henry is ecstatic when he learns of King James' death and the birth of the monarch's daughter, the future Mary, Queen of Scots. Bishop Gardner sees this as a sign from God and Henry presses the captured nobles to support an engagement between the infant Mary and young Prince Edward. He also permits Gardner to use torture to expose heretics in the court. Alarmed by Ambassador Chapuys at King Francis' new alliance with the Turks, Henry signs an alliance with the Spanish Holy Roman Emporer in the upcoming war with France in which England expects to regain its French provinces. Catherine Parr, married to the rich but dying Lord Latimer, is in love with Thomas Seymour and plans to marry him after her husband passes away, but the rich widow catches the King's eye as he pushes the reluctant Catherine toward marriage while exiling rival Seymour to a diplomatic post in Holland.

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