Sottotitoli Little Britain, Stagione 2 - Episodio 2

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Episode #2.2
29 min


• Emily and Florance try to buy wedding dresses.

• Sebastian pulls faces at the US President's aide.

• Bubbles spends a little too long on the UV bed.

• Lou takes Andy to meet his new Polish girlfriend Annia.

• Linda is helps Joanna Harding get an extension on her essay.

• Ann is working at a TenPin Bowling arena.

• Marjorie is disgusted that Paul and Pat have started going out together.

• Daffyd opens a Gay and Lesbian stall at the village fete.

• Linda helps Kenneth Lou get the rest of the week off.

• Harvey and Jane's parents meet for the first time at a public restaurant.

• At the bank a boy wants to open a Junior account.

• Vicky Pollard's in the park, hitting on Bethany's boyfriend

• Dennis Waterman is given a role as Captain Birdseye.

• Linda once again insults a student - this time it's a dwarf.

• Mr Mann goes into Roys video shop.

• Maggie samples a volevont made from a recipe by Ainsley Harriot.

• Finally Lou takes Andy to the countryside.

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