Sottotitoli Little Britain, Stagione 2 - Episodio 4

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Episode #2.4


• Vicky pretends she witnessed a Jewellery robbery.

• Judy and Maggie sample mince pies made by two homosexual members of the choir.

• A newsagent puts a customer off buying a magazine.

• At a restaurant in Throttle the posh gentleman orders posh menu items... and a Double Decker.

• Emily and Florance go to the ballet.

• Lou dresses Andy up as baby Jesus.

• Dr. Lawrance has managed to get Ann a part in a play.

• Marjorie takes her group to a restaurant for a Christmas meal.

• Daffyd protests against the local library stating there aren't any 'gay' books.

• Back at the Throttle restaurant another order posh menu items...a Lion bar and a Pepperami.

• The Prime Minister's wants Sebastian to announce that his wife is pregnant.

• At the bank a man and a women want a Mortgage.

• Jane, Harvey and his family are discussing the wedding arrangements.

• Kenny Craig damages another car in a car park.

• Moanwheel back in a Throttle Restaurant the waiter is asked for a bag of Monster Munch and Um Bongo to drink.

• Mr. Mann pops into Roy's book shop.

• Bubbles DeVere has a shoking way of paying for her spa treatment.

• Andy manages to fall out of his wheelchair and into a tree.

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