Sottotitoli Little Britain, Stagione 3 - Episodio 3

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Episode #3.3


• Vicky has some scandal to sell to the press.

• Andy wants breasts, but a magazine won't suffice.

• Anne has a new job as a pianist in a posh restaurant.

• An elderly couple visit Carol's travel agent to book a cruise.

• A new revelation for Dudley, Ting Tong not from Pong Pong.

• Sir Norman Fry explains away being caught in a compromising position in a public toilet.

• Marjorie gets a bit too starstruck when Fat Fighters gets a celebrity new member

• Letty, a woman obsessed by pretend frogs, reacts unexpectedly to being given a real frog.

• Diseree catches Bubbles giving Roman a facial, but was he set up?

• Orville the duck is spotted in a supermarket trying to keep a low profile.

• Don unwisely orders another spicy meal.

• Sebastian reacts badly to a book revealing the PM has a few skeletons in his cupboard

• An elderly couple make a donation to the Donkey hospice

• Maggie meets Judy's daughter's coloured boyfriend

• Lou is stopped by the police for speeding.

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