Sottotitoli Cedar Cove, Stagione 2 - Episodio 12

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Resolutions and Revelations
42 min


For the first time since they have become serious, Olivia feels that Jack is drifting away from her, he avoiding the issue of her offer to get an apartment together in Seattle. In spending time with Jeri in Seattle, Jack settles into his comfortable old routine, which he knows he cannot do with Olivia. Cliff and Alex are still away at the rodeo while Grace, who is unaware that Alex and her boyfriend Hugh have broken up, remains in Cedar Cove to help Allison deal with her cyber-bullying problem. Despite Allison not wanting Grace to do anything about it, Grace decides otherwise. She finds out that the apple does not fall far from the tree, as the bully is Kayla Roberts, the daughter of Sara Roberts née Jones, the class bully when Olivia and Grace were in high school. Allison feels helpless in the situation, she turning to the one person who may truly understand through what she is going. Peggy pleads with Roy to dissuade Bob from pursuing the stalking issue with him. Roy decides on another tact. Seth's surprise return to Cedar Cove leads to relationship problems with Justine, who has not mentioned anything to him about either Luke or grad school. Cecilia decides to tell Ian about her pregnancy, but news may get to him sooner than she wants. And Eric asks for advice from Jack about the issue with Warren. Eric is scared that he may be in over his head, especially if Warren is involved in something illegal, but he can and does not deny the allure of working for Warren regardless. While Jack and Rebecca try to warn Eric, Eric in turn may believe the above board story Warren tells him about what is going on.

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