Sottotitoli Cedar Cove, Stagione 2 - Episodio 11

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Stand and Deliver
42 min


Outwardly, Jack is enjoying his new part-time life in Seattle. He learns that his column has been picked up permanently, and he is thriving on the adrenaline of working for a big city paper even if it is extra work above and beyond his Cedar Cove Chronicle job. He is also deluding himself into believing that he can be a social drinker, falling off and staying off the wagon about which he doesn't tell Olivia. But someone important in his life does find out. Conversely, Olivia is worried about how intense Jack's life has become. Still, she makes some decisions about her own life so that she can advance her and Jack's relationship in light of his new life in Seattle. Grace is going to see Cliff perform in a rodeo, at which Alex and her boyfriend Hugh will also be. The fact of Hugh comforts Grace. But Grace may not be able to attend as she finds out some serious issues with Allison. Grace has to decide what to do about Allison, especially when Allison doesn't seem to want her help. Justine, who has just found out that she has been accepted to grad school, tells Luke that she only wants to be friends despite her feelings for him. Luke has to decide if he can be friends with her in light of those feelings. Cecilia learns that she is pregnant, about which she has to decide when to tell Ian. Colin visits an uncomfortable Peggy, their situation about which someone else in Cedar Cove knows, and tries to act as Peggy's protector. Bob can sense that the anonymous flowers are making Peggy uncomfortable, which places Roy in a difficult position. Shelly breaks up with Eric because of his sexual liaison with Rebecca, Shelly lying in the process. Although Eric and Rebecca have a falling out over the issue, Rebecca does still have Eric's best interest at heart. And Warren reads in the news that many of his business partners are being nabbed by the FBI. One of his other partners, Dick Turnbull, arrives in town to discuss the issue with Warren, who believes he has an ace up his sleeve.

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