Sottotitoli Cedar Cove, Stagione 2 - Episodio 10

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Secrets and Lies
42 min


Olivia, with Anthony the D.A.'s blessing, decides to take a chance on Rebecca despite the lie on her resume as Olivia believes Rebecca is an excellent lawyer, but is truly scared about her career beneath the tough exterior. The question is what Rebecca will do when confronted. Jack's first article for the Courier is soon due and he has writer's block. In taking the job, he remembered the rush of a large audience reading his material in working for a big city paper, forgetting about the panic before that. He has to find something that works for him in getting the job done, that something which may be old routines. Eric is looking forward to Shelly and Adele's visit, he realizing that he missed them more when he actually sees them. But Eric may not be able to hide all his extracurricular activities while Shelly was away. Grace and Cliff are able to get over the issue of Will, but Grace isn't sure if she can get over the fact of Alex, despite Alex not having done anything to make Grace jealous besides be herself. Justine tries to steer clear of Luke in light of his dogged pursuit of her and as she thinks about Seth, but she can't deny what she is feeling for him. Ian is being shipped off earlier than expected. Regardless, his and Cecilia's marriage may not be able to survive the different directions they are headed and the lies that resulted on both their sides. And Peggy's fears are confirmed when she learns who has been sending her flowers anonymously. Those fears are strengthened when she learns he is moving back to Cedar Cove for good.

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