Sottotitoli Cedar Cove, Stagione 2 - Episodio 7

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One Day at a Time
42 min


Luke's pre-trial is approaching, but all he can think of is Justine, who in turn, knows that she has feelings for him, but doesn't quite know what to do about them because of her relationship with Seth, despite he being away. Justine has Cecilia as a confidante, she who is going through her own conundrum of whether to respect Ian's wishes in not trying to have a baby right now, or go against him unilaterally by going off the pill without telling him. Luke's trial also brings a plethora of reporters into town, including Jeri Drake, an old "colleague" of Jack's. Jeri feels the need to have a chat with Olivia about what she knows about "the old" Jack. Olivia has her own troubles in the form of the new Assistant District Attorney, Rebecca Jennings, a young woman whose sole goal is to make a name for herself by winning cases so that she can get out of Cedar Cove. She not only makes an impression on Olivia, but also Eric, who receives a surprise "gift" and advice, in the form of an order, from Warren. Cliff has some news for Grace, which surprises her, but she is just as taken aback by news she receives over the telephone about Cliff. And Peggy receives a gift from an unknown giver.

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