Sottotitoli Cedar Cove, Stagione 2 - Episodio 5

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Starting Over
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Because Warren is a major advertiser with the newspaper, Jack's boss asks Jack to write a glowing article about Warren, which goes against all Jack stands for as a journalist. Jack has to decide what to do about the matter. It would not help if he knew that Eric was seriously considering Warren's offer of employment, as Eric realizes that the status quo of working at Moon's is not enough to support him, Shelly and the baby. As Grace enters the courtroom against her ex-husband Dan, she will eventually learn that their divorce has not been as amicable as Dan portrayed he wanted it to be, and as Dan made her sign things which she really should not have without reading first. With a day continuance, Grace and Olivia will have find if Dan slipped up in his legal manoeuvrings with Grace, and if he did not whether Olivia the lawyer can bend the law in Grace's favor to make Dan do what he originally told Grace he would do when they divorced. And Justine learns the reason why Luke is so troubled and why he is in Cedar Cove. She tries to help him both with this Cedar Cove mission and with moving on in his life, that future which others will also find is fraught with Luke's own demons.

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