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Letting Go: Part 1
42 min


Shelly and the unborn baby's prognosis, the former who is in slight medical distress in the hospital due to complications from the pregnancy, is favorable. But this medical condition allows her time away from Eric and with her own thoughts about what she wants to do, which is to give the baby up for adoption since she doesn't trust Eric not to run away again if things get difficult. Olivia ends up being Shelly's personal and legal confidante, which places a strain between Olivia/Jack and Eric, the latter who sees his father and his father's girlfriend siding with Shelly's wants over his. Under the strain of his relationship with Eric, Jack contemplates returning to past comforts, namely the bottle. What Jack, Eric and Shelly are unaware of is that Olivia too has to overcome her own emotional distress, as this situation marks the first time that she has been in the hospital since Jordan's death. Meanwhile, two shady looking characters approach Maryellen looking for John, they who seem to know all about her and John's relationship. And in the aftermath of the restaurant fire, Justine and Seth consider their options. It is a difficult situation if they want to rebuild due to having no insurance moneys and no more personal savings. Their thoughts on the situation are not helped when they learn that the prosecution had to drop the case against Warren, and that he, as the official owner of the property, could collect against his insurance.

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