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April 1843
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Railway construction begins. Dr. Harrison speaks to Sophy's father and he agrees that they can step out together. Harrison emphasizes that he cannot ask for her hand until he is better established and his practice more prosperous but that his intentions are entirely honorable. Caroline Tomkinson cannot understand why Dr. Harrison has not contacted her since receiving her Valentine day card so her sister decides to probe him. Mrs. Rose and her friends also misinterpret the Doctor's actions. Jessie Brown regrets having turned down Major Gordon's proposal of marriage and Mary Smith decides to do something about it. Lady Ludlow is not impressed when she learns that Mr. Carter has been teaching Harry Gregson to read and write and that he has been working in his office. Miss Matty's financial situation is severely affected when she learns that her bank has failed. May Day celebrations lead to confusion and confrontation when several ladies claim Dr. Harrington's affections.

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