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November 1842
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It's Christmas-time and Miss Matty isn't sure it would appropriate to celebrate with friends and neighbors given the death of her sister. Mary Smith convinces her otherwise. Matty renews her friendship with her long ago love. Dr. Harrison hopes for a Christmas invitation from the Huttons but none is forthcoming as Sophy is uncomfortable in his presence since the death of her little brother. The residents of Cranford are suffering through a crime spree when Dr. Harrison's house is broken into and Mr. Johnson is attacked as he is closing his store. When Gregson is arrested for the crimes, young Harry has to admit that he and his father were out poaching at that time. By the time Valentine's day rolls around, Dr. Harrison's approach to Sophy receives a more positive reception. However, Miss Caroline Tomkinson receives an anonymous Valentine card and is more convinced than ever that Dr. Harrison is available.

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