Sottotitoli In Plain Sight - Protezione testimoni, Stagione 1 - Episodio 10

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To Serge with Love


Two witness protectees, Tasha and Sergei, in the program for two unrelated cases, meet accidentally through a dating service, and discover each others' secret when Tasha catches Mary and Marshall at Sergei's house. Tasha and Sergei fight to stay together, until Mary discovers Sergei's enterprising new www.side-line, staring clueless, naked Tasha. Brandi boyfriend, Chuck, arranges a drug-buy for the methamphetamine she has been holding for him, with a man named "Spanky". When Brandi discovers an infant in the hotel bathtub of Spanky's front-team, Russell and Rachel, she wakes up to the reality of what she is doing, backs out, turning them in to the police instead.

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