Sottotitoli In Plain Sight - Protezione testimoni, Stagione 1 - Episodio 6

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10 years earlier - Following a street basketball game, and free-throw practice, orphaned Scott Worley and his baby brother Chris, witness the execution of one bookie by another, followed by threats of "You know what happens to snitches". Testifying landed them in the program as Marshal Mary Shannon's first protectees. Present day finds Scott owning an auto-repair business, and young Chris as a rising basketball star in college. Mary soon discovers that Chris has developed a serious gambling problem and is in thirty-thousand deep with his bookie. Unable to pay the debt, the bookie, Bill Donner, abducts Scott to force Chris to throw a ball game, leaving Mary and Marshall in a race against the clock... the time clock. Jinx gets news that her husband is going to be declared dead. Marshall hooks up with his former teacher's assistant he had in college, who gives him a different type of education.

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