Sottotitoli In Plain Sight - Protezione testimoni, Stagione 2 - Episodio 5

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Aguna Matatala
60 min


A Jewish man from New York who, wanting to raise some money so that he and his wife could start a family, went into business with some Albanian criminals and used his father in law's business as a cover. But when the FBI assumed his father in law was the one associating with the Albanians and came to arrest him, he came forward. But his wife shunned him. He entered the Witness Protection Program and spent most of his time longing for his wife. One day he informs Mary that someone is following him. She learns that he was not sent by the Albanians but is a Rabbi from New York. The Rabbi was sent by his wife, who wants a divorce, so he has to sign something. He refuses to do it unless his wife tells him herself. So she comes to New Mexico and he learns something she's been keeping from him which makes him unwilling to give her what she wants.

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